Being a competitive bodybuilder and physique judge for over 30 years, Quincy knows the importance of proper preparation of a competitive bodybuilder. He has learned through trial and error the importance of expert advice.  It is imperative to have dependable and expert critiquing of your physique and posing abilities in order to be in peak condition for the judges the day of the show. Many competitors make the mistake of seeking the advice of friends and relatives who may have good intentions, but lack the experience and knowledge to be good judges. For a competitive bodybuilder, not being in proper condition and not being able to pose to where it best compliments your physique, could make the difference between winning and not placing in the competition.  Because of his knowledge and experience, Quincy is able to help any male or female bodybuilder achieve their best condition and work on their posing order to present their physique to it's highest potential. He can save you from making mistakes that would otherwise take years to unlearn.


Introduction to bodybuilding for health or competition
Design training programs for beginners
Design off season and pre-contest training programs for novice and advanced bodybuilders
Posing instruction (mandatory and routines)
Weekly pre-contest critiquing
Off season and pre-contest diet tip

1st Session
All Other Sessions

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